Info Travellers

“Info Travellers”


Types of travel document:

● DIGITAL DNI (suitable for travel to Mercosur countries and associated States)
● Valid: DNI card and sky notebook (digital) + Passport
● Not valid: handwritten DNI (green cover, burgundy, and celestial notebook), proof of DNI in process and deteriorated documents.

Procedure for leaving the country with children under 18:

● If the minor travels with both parents, it will be enough to prove the link by means of a Civil Family Record Book or Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate (regardless of the date of issue) or the minor's ID card, where the filiatory data of the parents are stated..
● If the child travels with only one parent, in addition to proving the parental relationship with any of the documents cited, must accompany the authorization of the absent parent..
● If the minor travels alone, he/she must present an authorization signed by both parents accompanied by some document that accredits the bond (Family Civil Record Book or Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate or DNI where the filiatory data of the parents are stated).
● If you are a child of minors, you will need parental permission and the permission of one of your grandparents.
● Comments: All this documentation must be presented in original or duly legalized or certified copies.

Authorization of minors:

● Authorizations may be granted by: notaries, Argentine consuls abroad, competent judges, authorities of the Registry of Civil Status and Capacity of Persons, foreign consuls in Argentina and justices of the peace.
● Single Validity Authorization: Migrations has an emergency service for the granting of authorization that is valid for only one trip and must be used within 30 days of its issuance. It can be processed in all delegations, migratory offices, in the border crossing where it is intended to leave, in the Airport of Ezeiza, Aeroparque and Port of Buenos Aires.

To keep in mind:

● Travel authorizations for minors are not necessarily restrictive, they can be up to the age of majority and valid for travel to any country in the world, depending on what the parents agree.
● Remember that the DNI must be renewed between the ages of 5 and 8, and also at 14, in order to be able to leave the country without inconvenience. In all cases, the express expiration of the DNI must be verified.
● To leave the country birth certificates, certificates or birth certificates do not require to be updated, however birth certificates, certificates or birth certificates must be originals or certified copies and be in good condition.
● All procedures for entering and leaving the country are personal and face-to-face at immigration checkpoints.


Types of travel document:
● Passport valid and in good condition
● Do not have a ban on leaving the country

A tener en cuenta:
● Tourism rates ( (for Canadian citizens, Americans (temporarily not required) and Australians)


The following products will be able to enter the country, as long as they are industrialized in their original factory packaging, hermetically sealed and that the labeling allows to identify its content and the required conditions.

Products that can enter the country:
● Frozen vegetables
● Preserved fruits and vegetables.
● Dried, roasted and / or salted fruits or grains with or without raisins (eg coffee, cocoa, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.)
● Ground nuts, crushed or rolled (eg almonds and walnuts).
● Tea / yerba mate or other infusions in the dry state. In infusions, the presence of bark, seeds and fruits will be verified physically.
● Juices and fruit and vegetable pulps.
● Expanded cereals (example: cornflakes, oats quacker, natur).
● Personal food (sandwich and prepared dishes) containing cooked vegetable products. If they contain meat it should be cooked and boneless.

Processed meat products WITHOUT BONE

● Canned preserves containing cooked meat
● Processed and cooked sausages (sausages and pâté)
● Processed and cooked hams
● Cooked and dehydrated meat

Dairy products

● Processed dairy products (examples: UHT milk, milk powder, cream, yogurt, others)
● Processed cheeses made with pasteurized milk